The Problem: Your customers
really hate it when their lift
skips their floor

The Solution: Provide it, and you
and your customer,
both win big

Upgrade conventional elevators
to full collective call in 1 hour!

  • Reduce elevator waiting time
  • Provide ascending and descending collective call service
  • Automate single units or groups of up to 6 elevators
  • Avoid unnecessary wear by combining trips
  • Provide anti-vandal protection
  • Reduce energy consumption, for a better planet
  • Increase the appeal and value of the property
  • Developed by a former Boeing Corp engineer
  • Very affordable, pays itself with the energy and repair savings


    Patents pending


    Arenales 3504, P1 D10, CP1425 CABA, Argentina Tel:+54-11-5984-1892
    email: info@liftctl.com
    Distributors: some selected zones are available.